live migration doesn't work

Live Migration doesn’t work as I hoped it would.

Look here:

Moving Xen system from usaxen03 to master1 ..

Checking if live migration is possible …
… not possible when system will be shut down for moving

Shutting down on original host system (because LVM volume group is different) …
… done

Copying disk images to new host system …

  Copying disk /dev/fluid02/rudi1_img ..
  .. copied image of 1024 MB

  Copying disk /dev/fluid02/rudi1_swap ..
  .. copied image of 512 MB

… copied 2 disk images totalling 1.50 GB

Fixing and copying Xen config file /xen/rudi1.cfg …
… copied to /xen/rudi1.cfg

Deleting disk and config files from original host …
… done

Configuring Xen instance for VNC console access …
… added on dynamic port

Starting up on new host system …
Re-fetching system status …
… done. New status is : Down

… startup failed :

PTY PID: 5902
Using config file “/xen/rudi1.cfg”.
Error: Kernel image does not exist: /xen/vmlinuz-vm2-xenU

Yeah, sounds like there’s a bug in how that’s working. I’d recommend filing a bug report, using the Support link above.

Whenever you do that, you may want to attach the /xen/rudi1.cfg config file that it’s using.