Little big idea: add in Edit Users a synthesis of info required to configure the mail client

Not a hellish suggestion this time :slight_smile:

At the present time, to properly setup our email account in thunderbird, when it is for a virtualmin-created account, we have to google for virtualmin documentation and proceed to the comments below that ( ), read carefully the “Edit Users” page of our administration, and perform some rule of thumb most likely guess.

A simple suggestion, that in the Edit Users > email username > part of the admin, there is an additional section summarizing the information required to add in our email client.

With just

  • username
  • password (shown upon additional click in a popounder, as in other virtualmin pages)
  • server host name and port for pop3
  • server host name and port for imap
  • which SSL option to choose (typically there’s the choice between starttls and SSL/TLS, I know it’s always the latter, but it ought to be precised as long as mail clients provide a choice)

I know it’s not much, but at the present time, it takes some googling and careful copy-pasting to gather the info. To have it summarized for us in the place where it’s most likely to be found already would make things more user-friendly :slight_smile:

(Also, maybe just maybe : add somewhere an option to disallow non-ssl-secured email transmission, this way when a hired admin sets it up for a customer, the customer who doesn’t know which port and SSL method to choose doesn’t have the temptation to let everything transferred in the clear over the web, but that’s another topic.)

Good sharing, very helpful, thank you for sharing on the forum.gomovies