List Unsubscribe Header (for server, Usermin, Roundcube e Thunderbird)

I think I have reached a good level of mail configuration.
However, I am missing the List Unsubscribe header.
I don’t use mailing lists, but I would like the option to be present anyway.
If possible at a general level, so as not to have to configure the individual configurations of individual users.
They are very, very rarely used service users but I like to think they are okay.

I will be making use of both usermin, Thunderbird and Roundcube.
This is why I would like the change to already be present on the server.

OS type and version Debian 12
Webmin version 2.105
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
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Those are mail clients, not mailing list management software. It doesn’t make sense to “unsubscribe” from personal mail. If you’ll be maintaining mailing lists and sending bulk mail, you’d want to use a bulk mail tool (such as phpList, PoMMo, etc.) or mailing list software (such as Mailman), depending on the type of mailing list you’re wanting to use. Those kinds of tools will provide easy unsubscribe options.

I know, but when I do tests on mailboxes I get a message that list_unsubscribe is missing

What tests are you doing and with what ?

Anti-spam test.
Everything is fine, except the list_unsubscribe.
It’s optional, but I’d still like it to be OK.

sign up to a mailing list with the email address you use for testing and check the emails that come from the mailing list and see if it does what you want it to do, noone is going to add that to the header unless they have to

Mail sent from a mail client like Thunderbird isn’t “mailing list” mail. It’s personal mail. It doesn’t make sense to add mailing list headers to something that isn’t a mailing list. You don’t “unsubscribe” from emails from your mom.

If you use mailing list software to send your mailing list mails, it will include headers about unsubscribing.

If you’re looking at a mail checker that’s for maximizing delivery of bulk mail, then you need to keep that context in mind. Personal email from a personal email client does not need to act like automated bulk mail.

But, also don’t send bulk mail from personal email clients…nothing will get you blocked/spam-binned faster than a CC or BCC with hundreds or thousands of recipients. You have to automate bulk mail using tools built for that purpose, such as mailing list management software like Mailman for two-way lists or phpList or Mailchimp or whatever service for one-way newsletter type stuff. The reason mailing list tools provide unsubscribe links is so that people can unsubscribe! You don’t unsubscribe from personal mail.

But, sorry, that’s not what I asked.
I also know very well that with Thunderbird you don’t create mailing lists and that there are other tools.

However, I asked if it is possible to configure the system to insert a header in emails sent from different mailboxes.
I gave an explanation, but instead of List_Unsubscribe, I could put something else, for example “click here and download the PDF” or “Click and I’ll tell you a poem”.

Then we can’t say whether all this is needed or not, but the question was technical.

But the topic you have created says list unsubscribe header.

For the other things to which you now refer, such as downloads and poems, there is always the email sig. But that should be discussed in a different topic.

Right, but you’re all telling me why not to use the mailing list, not how to change the header. :wink:

perhaps it is the way we are reading the question or the way natural language reads?

list unsubscribe implies unsubscribe from a list.
You are really asking for “how to change the header”? nothing to do with lists or unsubscribing.

OK, now I can’t change the title.
The stated goal was to change the header to include “list_unsubscribe”, but, again, I could change it for other reasons.

And then, sorry, why couldn’t I use my server and my mail system to create mailing lists?
Personally I have no interest in doing it, but another person might want to do it.
So, the question is well posed anyway.

Don’t change the title / topic.

Start a new topic. A topic which has the correct words helps keep the forum organized, helps members (present and future) find what they want and avoid what they don’t want and also helps the search engines show better search results to people who are looking for information.

Please start a new topic. Please use appropriate words in the title and describe what it is that you wish to achieve in the body of your message so that the community can help you.

Cross that bridge when it happens, there is little point trying to check for every eventuality when they may never get used and every system could be subtly different . What works for you may not work for someone else

Unsubscribe is a legal requirement for some mails. If you insert that header then you will be legally responsible for personally honoring it since it won’t be automated.

I’m not sure how you manage to trigger that warning with your tests. I’ve never seen it. Are you sending to a large number of users? Your best bet is to use list software of some sort or maybe ask a Postfix forum. Virtualmin doesn’t insert headers.

EDIT: Example here.

More than subtly different. A mailing list is a different thing altogether.

What Joe said.

A mailing list software / script / app will add the appropriate email headers (to unsubscribe, for example) to messages of a list going out of a Virtualmin server without anyone needing to change anything in Virtualmin.

The OP stated that this is not just for list unsubscribe but other headers also such as download pdf etc so just forget about list-unsubscribe and concentrate on checking whatever the OP wishes to check for

Of course there is nothing to prevent you adding (in a template) an additional link to “unsubscribe” from an email sent.

Absolutely nothing to do with mailing lists or headers.

I do this frequently in “sign up” confirmation emails that are issued and managed by NodeJS applications. just standard practice as part of authentication of an email address. also part of token refresh/access. The assumption has to be it could be anyone signing up your mom, my mom, the king of China’s mon, they all must validate and have the opportunity to unsubscribe.

However the OP wishes to test for headers and not the email body, who knows

My goal was to make the system independent of the client and not have to worry about whether everything on the client was configured optimally.
At the same time I wanted to know if I could modify the header directly from Virtualmin/Webmin without going to modify postfix directly.
I realize that this is not possible.