List of Hosting Services using Virtualmin

Sorry if this is obvious but couldn’t find it.

Is there a list of hosting services using VirtualMin? If so where? If not, could you build one?


What exactly do you mean with “hosting services”? If you mean which virtual servers you have defined - there is a command “List Virtual Servers” on the bottom of the left-hand menu bar.

Hi Locutus. By hosting service, I mean ISP’s like who use virtualmin as their “control panel”. Because Joyent is more sophisticated than other services I’ve used in the past, and my experiences with virtualmin has been so positive, I wanted to know which other hosting services used Virtualmin.

Mainly this is because I see Joyent becoming more oriented toward enterprise computing, and I want to have a Plan B if they become less attentive to their current clients. I’ve used CPanel and others, and find them pretty lacking.

I suppose I should look into using AWS+Virtualmin, but as far as I can see, amazon is somewhat expensive.

Another reason I asked is that I’m looking into using node.js in a JavaScript everywhere project:

… and github has a list of all hosting services which support node.js:

… so that got me thinking about a similar list for virtualmin.

I’m not aware of a comprehensive list of providers that offer Virtualmin on their servers out of the box, though I mentioned your question to Joe and Jamie in case they have any input on that.

However, a lot of folks have success using providers that give you a clean distro install, and just running the script on your fresh OS.

In that sense, it may not actually matter if your ISP offers you Virtualmin, so much as “do they make it easy to install whatever you want after the fact”.


andreychek, great point … I like it!

But it brings up a second question: Could we make a list of providers that would satisfy your new question: install virtualmin easily on a new distro?

Or if that would be too difficult, could we create a criterion for judging whether a given provider would be “virtualmin friendly” in that you could install easily on their systems? That might include things like how much ram/disk/cpu/etc you need on the virtual system.

Heck, would could make a “Virtualmin Seal of Approval” merit badge!

I’d say any hoster who offers to give you a “clean” install (as in only the basic packages like SSH installed, no other server packages) of one of the Grade-A supported systems (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu 8/10 etc.) qualifies as “approved”. :slight_smile:

RAM/disk/CPU requirements highly depend on what you’re planning to do with the box and which Virtualmin services/plugins you wish to use (e.g. virus scanning, spam filtering and preloading all libs is especially RAM intensive) and can’t be generally answered.