List of folders to backup for a virtualmin pro move from CentOS to Rocky

I have a VPS on Linode running CentOS 8, lets call it ns2.

I want to delete/move this to a Rocky Linux hosted elsewhere.

I have already backed up all virtual servers from ns2 which covers the /home folder.

I want to backup config and other important files.

My list includes


at the moment.

But I am sure there are more!

Can someone give me a more exhaustive list of folders to back up?

OS type and version CentOS & Rocky Linux
Webmin version REQUIRED
Virtualmin version REQUIRED
Related packages SUGGESTED

There is no ‘right way’ as it can be done in so many ways. I can share what I did as it might be useful.

From CentOS 8:

  • Backup all virtual domains via Virtualmin with all options/features enabled.
  • Backup using Webmin filesystem backup my /etc, /var (specific folders), /opt (specific folders). Specific folders are for me apps and other services I have installed outside Virtualmin e.g. Rocket.Chat, OpenFire, Minecraft etc.
  • Backup Webmin modules etc using built in backup option.
  • Backup manually apache/php configs.

On new server:

  • Restore virtual domains using Virtualmin but selective restore leaving out server configs etc. If you restore that it will overwrite your new server configs and most likely mess up.
  • Restore files/folders as above from old server and re apply as needed for the individual app.
  • Make sure you dont overwrite dns, postfix and other core services on new server.
  • I did not restore apache configs etc. I used old files as a guide but applied changes manually e.g. php-fpm settings and so forth.
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