List all email forwarders / forwarding using the command line API or Postfix text file

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 1.984
Virtualmin version 6.17-3
Related packages Pro License

Is the a command line function to list all forwarders? Or maybe how to I get this info out of Postfix?

We have around 60 email addresses, which act as distribution groups. To achieve group forwarding, we individually add email addresses. This works well. Now we have an employee who left the business and we want to avoid click through 60 email addresses.

For reference, here is the screenshot on how we do forwarding:

Hi, I just would like to suggest you to mention virtualmin staff in your posts, since you are pro user you can rich guys directly. Mentions or notifications for anyone here works with @ and follow with group or user name… for example you can type @ staff (without space between @ and staff or users-name ) and I am sure they will get your message and will pop in right after your message.

  1. You might localize in which config-files the changes need to be made.
  2. Do make an Backup of this files
  3. search and replace the occurrences of the email-address

E.g. might can try to search and replace it… like

find <directory> -type f -path '*.conf' -exec sed -i "s/<emailToRemove>/<emptyString>/g" {} +

(!) No garantie that this works, it is just pined out of my head… it’s only to give you an Idea. So try the command in an test-directory, before using it at your production-server.

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