link domain to virtual server


I registered a .nl domain at a site ( will be called 2nd domain from now on ), now I want to be able to add website content on my virtualmin (main domain) and make that the content the domain shows.

What I have currently done is:
Create a sub-server of my main domain :

Went to the website of the registrar of my 2nd domain to change nameservers, this didn’t work however since there is extra work required to make the nameservers know where to route to, and I don’t know how to set that up.

So what I did instead was I changed the CNAME’s of my 2nd domain to point at the newly created sub-server :

Now I can upload content on and it will also be shown on the 2nd TLD … the only problem I’m having is that if I access my website via it shows me the website, but if I access it through my 2nd TLD ( mind you, via CNAME routing basically the same domain one would say ) I get a 403 Forbidden error.

Could anoyone assist me on this or explain another way to just leave out a sub-server and to instantly have a server pointing at my 2nd TLD?