Limited Ressources for customers


Quotas on filesystem and bandwidth can be set.
Is there a solution how i can set the maximum cpu usage or memory for users?

How can i determine which user out of 200 (for example) is causing high load of cpu, memory or disk usage on the server? (GPL version)

Well, one of the things you can look into are modifying the resource limits.

If you go into Administration Options -> Edit Resource Limits, you can tweak options for the maximum number of processes, process size, and CPU time.

I’d be interested in a good solution for identifying system resources consumed by users as well, but in the meantime, maybe the above is a start in the right direction :slight_smile:

Awright, just wanted to make sure that there is actually a possibility which i doesn’t know.

I mean, somehow u will find out what is stressing your system and which user might cause it. But thats not so easy sometimes…

Uhm, the option "edit resource limits" is only available in the pro version right? Because in gpl i only see "Edit Owner Limits"

Sorry, I guess not – I’m constantly getting confused as to what is in which version – one of these days I’ll get a GPL install setup here so I can poke around with it more :slight_smile:

However, what I believe it does is tweak /etc/security/limits.conf, which is something you can do manually as well. That’s an OS thing, not a Virtualmin thing.