we use VM pro to mange one domain. No installed scripts. Basically just use it clean email.

If we allow our pro license to expire. What can I expect? Will it revert to the GPL version or stop functioning?



You should revert to the GPL version manually, as your updates from us will soon stop working, which is a potential security risk. We don’t currently have an automatic process for downgrading (though it’s coming soon, because we’re about to start offering free trial licenses).

To downgrade manually:

Edit /etc/virtualmin-license and set the serial number and key to GPL

Use yum clean or apt-get clean to get rid of existing repo meta-data

Install the GPL version of virtualmin-release for your system, or update the apt sources file. For example, on CentOS 5:

rpm -Uvh

You may need the --oldpackage option to make this work, I’m not sure.

Double check to be sure the new repo file got installed correctly…look in /etc/yum.repos.d for “virtualmin.repo.rpmnew” or .rpmold files…make sure the latest one is copied to virtualmin.repo. This will allow you to get updates from the free repos. (The URLs in this file should have “gpl” in them, and should contain no serial or license information.)

Then install the GPL version of the virtual-server module. This might be possible with yum:

yum update wbm-virtual-server

Or you might need to use RPM directly:

rpm -Uvh --oldpackage

Please don’t copy/paste that URL directly…go to that directory to make sure you’re getting the latest available version of this module. The oldpackage option will install whatever you tell it to, even if it is ancient (and these forums stick around for years and so people might be following these directions a year from now…of course, we are adding an automatic downgrade path in the near future, so these steps shouldn’t be needed for much longer).

Anyway, that’s it. Sounds like everything you’re using Virtualmin for is well-covered by GPL, so you shouldn’t notice many differences other than a slightly simpler UI and fewer graphs and such.


I would like to downgrad from a VM pro licence to a GPL licence on a debian OS.
What must i do ?



I have this 250 domain license but I just need 100 domains.

Can I renew only for the Virtualmin 100 Annual Renewal?



What I’d recommend doing is filing a support request using the Support link above, and asking them to downgrade your license from a 250 to a 100.

Once then do that, you’ll be able to buy an annual renewal and it’ll apply cleanly.


I have also a unlimited domain license that expired. I want to renew for 100 domains.
Can I just buy a Virtualmin 100 Annual Renewal?

Yeah, ask about that in that same support request :slight_smile:

File a support request, give them your license information, and tell them what you want the licenses to be. With that, Joe and Jamie will be able to setup your licenses… at which point you can buy the renewals.