license VMPRO

if i buy license for 50 domain, i must pay $99/year or i pay once only and i can \use virtualmin pro forever?

Renewal pricing can be found here:,shop.browse/category_id,2/

Purchases made during the Early Adopter period include a bonus year.

so we must renew license/year. i read at cpanel and plesk website, cpanel and plesk have one time licens, cpanel $1499.99 for one time license ( and plesk $1399 (, does that mean cpanel and plesk can use forever not pay license anymore and only pay if they want support and update for the next year? Does virtualmin have one time license too?

Not at this time.

Hello Joe,

I ask the same question about 1,5 year ago per mail. Then this was your answer:

The software will not stop working, but a license flag does appear on the main page to warn you that updates (even security updates) are no longer available. I would strongly discourage running it without a valid license/subscription. And, of course, software with an expired license does not receive support or bugfixes.

Is above answer still valid?

Purchases made during the Early Adopter period include a bonus year.

Hi Joe,

Is this still valid as of a few days ago? After seeing this, I went and checked my S/N page, and saw that it expires in one year, not two.


Yes. But it’s applied periodically, manually (I run a script to update the licenses). I run it about once every two or three months.

Well Joe,

But I think the main question about this topic is what happened with a virtualmin pro box when the license period expired?

Can you please confirm your statement I wrote above?

Sounds like a plan to me. So far so good with my first deployment (we exchanged emails Thursday night). I do have a few questions that I will post in a separate thread, however. :slight_smile:


Yes. The statement above has not changed, and probably never will. The only thing I can think that would change it would be if it resulted in Virtualmin getting a reputation for being “insecure” because people didn’t keep their software up to date, and inevitably got bitten by security problems. That would put us between a rock and a hard place–we can’t afford to keep working for people who aren’t paying us, and we refuse to have a reputation for poor security or reliability. So, as long as people use the software in good faith, and keep their systems up to date (manually, if they decide not to keep subscribing to our services), that policy will not change.

Though, if recurring cost is a big concern, Virtualmin GPL might be a better option for you–nearly all of the features unique to Virtalmin Professional are features that require ongoing maintenance to continue to be useful–Install Scripts, for example, will become completely useless after a few months, because all of the old ones will have known security vulnerabilities (let’s face it, most PHP app developers don’t take security very seriously, and so even the best of the lot have frequent security issues). So, we’ll never lock down a system or do anything hostile (except in circumstances of credit card fraud), we also can’t possibly suggest it would be a good idea for you run an old version.

Just to confirm though. When expired nothing actually stops working and nothing changes on the system except updates is that correct?

At this time, expiry does nothing except pop up a warning, and updates are no longer available. However, we’d rather you simply use Virtualmin GPL if you don’t want to keep an active subscription. It is not safe to use the features of Virtualmin Professional without regular updates–the Install Scripts, in particular, will very likely become insecure within weeks or months of the last update (historically speaking, I can say with nearly 100% certainty that it will only take a few weeks for several security vulnerabilities to be discovered in the 80+ scripts supported by Virtualmin Professional).

So, again, while we have no desire to shut down your system if it’s out of date, if you don’t want to pay for Virtualmin Professional (and keep your subscription active after the initial purchase), you should use Virtualmin GPL. We’re happy to have you using Virtualmin, regardless.

Hello Joe

I subscribe Virtualmin for testing and i was busy to use it .
I am going to install for production server but if i am not wrong a while ago i try to use my subscribtion script but it didnt install Virtualmin Professional it insalled GPL one .Can you check my account is there everything is fine or not.

Kind regards