License Update Problem

My license was close to expiring, so I backed up and purchased a renewal. The download of the license provided instructions: the wget command, with the key information and

Ran that, looked through the administrators guide, which was mentioned within the script output, but seem not to be able to apply the license update successfully… the update script updated all the various packages through spamassassin, and then halted.

Now it’s a couple of days later, and my license has expired.

Any help or clues as to where to go or what to do next would be appreciated.


Typically, purchasing a renewal automatically updates your license.

You wouldn’t need to make any adjustments on your server itself, the license updates happen on the Virtualmin end of things.

Looking at your order, it looks like you may have purchased a brand new license, rather than renewing your existing license.

That’s certainly fixable… though next year, just keep in mind that you want to buy the cheaper renewal, not actually a brand new license :slight_smile:

To fix that, what you’ll need to do is open a support request using the Support link above, tell them you mean to buy a renewal rather than a new license, and they’ll get you all straightened out.



I had similar issue.
My license was not actually even expired. I had about 160 days left. I decided to renew it. I’ve noticed that license associated with my account was expired already(?) so I have renewed it. After that I have reinstalled using link provided in the portal and my license is invalid since then. Can you please clarify this issue?


I only see a renewal associated with your account, I don’t see the initial license purchase. Is it possible that was done with another account?

However, I think what I’d recommend is filing a support request using the Support link above, where Jamie and Joe can offer you a hand. They have the ability to dig into the license database and figure out what’s going on with your account :slight_smile: