License Type


What license type for Virtualmin Pro?
Is it one time fee or annual?

Also, is it support Debian also?


Debian support is coming. It seems that they plan to offer leased license, however what you see in the shop now is lifetime license. You buy it, you own it. You will have to pay for additional support tickets but I believe that will be nominal. Updates and major revisions will be at no charge.

I’m sure Joe will be on shortly to affirm what I just said.

Hi Alex,

The license is an annual license, including software updates subscription (major version upgrades are included). As Danny mentioned, we will also be offering a monthly "lease" style license. But Danny is incorrect about the term of the currently offered license. No life-time license will be offered (and certainly not one with free updates or upgrades). :wink:

Debian support will almost certainly be included in this weeks Early Adopter Release 2, but it is not available today.

Good thing you’re around to clear that up ;-D