License Issue


I’m in the process of moving from one server to another. The original server isn’t going to be cancelled until 29/1/09 but in order to be legal I’ve stopped apache, webmin, usermin (using /etc/init.d scripts) however on the new server I get a license warning saying it’s running on 3 servers. It is installed on 2, but, only whilst I migrate. How can I fully stop it running on the old server (may need to start to migrate settings but will not leave running) and why does it think it’s on 3 servers when it’s only ever been on 2?

Old OS is RHEL4 and new is CentOS 5 not sure if that makes a difference?


Howdy jorgo,

Don’t panic. Everything will be fine. :wink:

The license check tries several mechanisms for figuring out what makes the system unique…usually it is the actual host ID as provided by the “hostid” command. But, if that fails for some reason, it’ll run through some other mechanisms for uniquely identifying your system. It’s possible that changing the address and/or hostname could trigger such a difference…actually it looks like there might be a bug in that code, as I’ve spotted an all zeros host ID in the license manager for you…I’ve deleted that.

Next time the license check occurs, you should get the all clear. Holler if problems persist.

Oh, yeah, I didn’t make clear that license checking is pretty loose–it’s not going to shut down your access to updates and such without a human being involved. And, we also don’t mind if you keep an old system running while migrating to a new one with the same license (which, if you have a hot spare, could trigger the “no more than 1 server, plus a backup” response).

Anyway, if you’re using Virtualmin in good faith, you should never run into any problems–and you’ll never find yourself without access to the latest versions and support and such, without first hearing from us personally, if there are actual license violation problems (or the appearance thereof).

Hi Joe!
Panic is a big word :wink: I was counting on the great support and it did not let me down!
Thanks for fixing this issue and clearing up the license check procedure!

Hi Ian,

Yeah, so long as Virtualmin is installed, the license server considers it active. Why does it show up as 3? I’m not sure, that may be a fluke :slight_smile:

Joe and Jamie are pretty reasonable about licensing. No one is going to make mention of it for 30 days or so (for things like exactly this!)

At that point, you may get an email asking if perhaps the license was compromised.

What you’re trying to do sounds fine, and no one is going to give you a hard time about keeping a server up through the end of January.

Good luck on your migration!