License Expiring

We are in the middle of the daunting job of configuring/moving everything to the GPL versions. During this period our Virtualmin licenses will expire. Will the sites still work or will something cease functioning at expiry? I expect updates will die, I am more concerned in maintaining things running during the time it will take me to manually move everything over.

I tried some faster ways such as tarring configs but that severely broke gpl. I also tried backup and restore however there were tar execution errors in trying to back up and even centos update ability has broken. This is the primary reason we are moving to get out from under an o/s we never wanted, however the promised Gentoo release never happend during this past year so we are now forced to do something and we are concerned whether the most important things will remain functioning while we are in the middle of all this.<br><br>Post edited by: ChuckGorish, at: 2008/09/19 04:30