License Error


Not sure why, but I have a screen with the following message.

“A problem was detected with your Virtualmin license :”

Attached is my screen shot, but could you please take a look?

Thank you and regards,

Below is the login info for my server:

Server Configure at True IDC Muangthong

IP = /
Gateway =

root password = !QAZXSW@#EDC
When remote to Server with SSH Access
user name = administrator
password = Admin@Luv#123

Remote to Server with Web Admin
user name = webadmin
password = Admin@Luv#123

Hmm, I’m definitely seeing some unusual behavior.

I don’t actually seem to be able to initiate any outgoing connections from your server.

You mentioned that your IP address should be “”, but what I’m seeing on eth0 is actually “”. Is that the correct IP address for your server?


Hi Eric,

Right, I saw the message with the eth0 setting at and thought it was odd.
None of the settings were changed, so after using the site below suggested in the forum to check the settings I see that the network ID is

I’m not sure what to change, but currently when I login through ftp with the ip, there seems to be no problem.

Also, reverse ip lookup with the registered domain is showing the ip @

Is this something that I should be talking to the data center regarding the network?

Your advice is appreciated.


Do you recall when this problem began occurring?

Looking at your bootup scripts, the one I’m looking at has the correct IP address in it. That may mean that just rebooting may resolve your issue… though that doesn’t explain how it occurred in the first place.

However, you would definitely want your eth0 interface to be the IP address you were assigned, otherwise you might see some unusual behavior.