libsasl2-modules-sql dependency -- necessary?

I am wondering why Virtualmin has the libsasl2-modules-sql dependency. It isn’t active by default, and the fact that it is installed and unconfigured results in /var/log/auth.log getting bombarded with error messages.

Is this dependency really necessary in the default install?

You’re right. No reason to install that. Mistake in the copy-pasta on my part. Will be corrected in the next virtualmin-base release for Debian/Ubuntu.

Thanks, Joe.

FWIW, libsasl2-modules could be removed as a dependency as well, I think. Its not required by libsasl2, just recommended. And I’m not sure its needed if there are no modules installed.

I might be wrong though, not sure what kind of errors this might cause. libsasl is stupidly picky.

Hi Mark, did you remove it? :wink: