Letsencrypt rate limit with multiple alias domains


Virtualmin 6.06 GPL Webmin 1.900 on Centos 7 and Apache for http

I have a main domain with a large number (300+) of alias tld domains.
These are of the form domain1.tld, domain2.tld etc. Not like sub1.example.com so wildcards wont work.
The domains all run off one codebase and generally everything works well on http.

However when trying to move to https I have a problem hitting Letsencrypt Rate Limits when using letsencrypt from VirtualMin interface to setup SSL.
I guess this isnt going to work out of the box.

My thought is to script a solution, most probably using virtualmin api.
So I wondered if anyone here had a ready made solution or any helpful suggestions?
Would it be better to use api - generate-letsencrypt-cert or certbot?

Thanks for any input.


so after some more consideration it looks like I’m not going to be able to serve all these https domains via a single apache virtual host
basically as I understand it letsencrypt has a hard limit of 100 domains per cert, and apache can only serve 1 cert per host - doh

back to the drawing board, but still grateful for any input towards a solution