LetsEncrypt not creating certificate with new virtual server

Hi, I have set up fresh install of ubuntu and virtualmin and I had problem that when I was creating new virtual server it failed on LetsEncrypt due to 404 on automatically generated subdomains by dns. So I turned off the creation of ftp.dom.com etc…
But now when creating new virtual server LetsEncrypt wont even show up and virtualmin just creates self-signed certificate. I have " Request Let’s Encrypt certificate at domain creation time?" option in virtualmin config set to “Yes”.

Any ideas what to try?

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04LTS
Virtualmin version 6.17

Do you have domain resolving and sub domain with A record. DNS must be up and resolving for the domain and sub domain before let’s encrypt can create a certificate. When your create a new virtual server and it doesn’t resolve yet. Untick SSL creation and do this later when domain is resolving.

All the domains and subdomains have A type records pointing to my server. So the problem should not be DNS. I think the script creating the virtual server just broke on me and doesnt even try to run the LetsEncrypt as it did before. Because in the log is nothing said about LE.

As you can see it is just self-signed not LE. I can create LE manually and it works just fine, but I need it to create automatically

Let’s Encrypt tab on that page. Ticking ‘Use this SSL certificate as default’… does that work? Then flick back to current certificate tab to check.

Yeah, generating LE works manually from that tab, but I just found out, that when I untick the option to create a DNS zones when creating new server. It tries to generate the LE certificate, but fails because it tries to generate for www.mc.vaxxx.cz. And not just for mc.vaxxx.cz. Can I stop the behavior of automatically adding www before the domain?

use the Domain names listed here in the LE section, not Domains associated with this server and use names you have A records pointing to the hosted with Virtualmin. Just mc.vaxxx.cz if you like.


As I said I can generate one manually just fine. But it fails when doing automatically while creating new virtual server. Because of this issue. And since I need to create about 100 of them. I need to fix this issue, because creating them manually everytime would drive me crazy.

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