LetsEncrypt auto renew ?

With the new webmin 1.78 does certificates générated with lets encrypt auto renew each 3 monthes ?
Or do we need to manually renew it ?

If not automatically, is there an API way to script it ?


auto renew or via cronjob would be really interesting.

Are there any plans to add letsEncrypt to the “virtualmin generate-cert” etc. commands? Then, renew via crontab would be as easy …

Auto-Renew for Let’s Encrypt would be essential as most users wouldn’t renew the certificate manually. Probably there is also a way that Virtualmin can be configured to automatically create a Let’s Encrypt certificate for all SSL Sites instead of self-signed?

At now I use Virtualmin 6.00 and my Let’s Encrypt certificates are not auto-updated.
So at now Auto-Renew for Let’s Encrypt certificate in Virtualmin is not available? We need manually renew them each 2 months?

Auto-renew has been in Virtualmin for well over a year. Pretty much right after this conversation happened last year.

In the Let’s Encrypt form, find the option labeled “Months between automatic renewal”, check the radio button and fill in a period for renewal in months. 2 is the recommended value (they expire at 3 months).

I fill all with 2 months, but certificates are expired after 3 months, and updated only when I manually press “Request Certificate”. Maybe server miss some cron job for auto-renew? Where can I see log of auto-renew process and do the test run?

I have vityualmin 6 but auto renewal didn’t work as I need manually click only renewal but this send to me first tab active certificate and there i can see expired one. So not only auto also manually it doesn’t work.

Have you changed the name of the domain that isn’t renewing properly? There may be, or may have been, a bug in Virtualmin that could cause that. There’s a discussion happening here: https://www.virtualmin.com/node/53037

If that doesn’t apply to your situation, please start a new topic with the specifics of your system (Linux distro and version, and whether the Webmin Scheduled Function discussed in the thread I just linked exists on your system, and if your system is performing Status Collection).