Let's Encrypt SSL on many websites

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 20.04
Config: PHP-FPM

I will have many websites on a new server.
The first has already received SSL from Let’s Encrypt.
But now I read that more sites on the same server get a common certificate linked to the first.
Is this correct?
Will then the first name be displayed if you check the certificate on other sites?

Where did you read this?

I think you may be referring to mail, which would share an SSL cert (typically the hostname’s) when using Postfix < 3.4 or, when using Postfix 3.4 or later without SNI enabled.

For Web (and for mail when using Postfix 3.4 or later with SNI enabled), each virtual server should receive and use it’s own cert from LE.


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Ok. Thanks. I must have read an old text.

Like other members told you, each domain can be set with its own SSL. That is why each domain needs to be configured correctly (DNS) . Email however uses the root domain settings.

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