Let's Encrypt Retry on Failure and Renewal Notification Emails

One of my domains was configured to automatically renew a Let’s Encrypt certificate, however it ran into permissions issues, and was unable to renew. It retried periodically over the weekend until I picked it up on Monday.

I’ve looked through the configuration files, and the virtualmin interface and so far I’ve been unable to locate any relevant settings to change this.

  1. Is there a way to change the delay between renewal attempts for Let’s Encrypt Certificates?
  2. Can I limit how often emails are sent out, or the maximum number of email notifications sent if a Let’s Encrypt certificate fails to renew?




Out of curiosity, how many emails did you receive about that?

Also, what Webmin and Virtualmin version are you using?

There was a bug in earlier versions that could cause it to get stuck in a loop; that should be corrected in the current versions though.