Let's Encrypt Module not fully functional?


I’ve been searching around the virtualmin board for this problem. It seems the last messages were done in april mentioning that it would be fixed in the lastest update. I don’t see any other reports of this problem after april so I’m wondering what could be going wrong.

I’m applying for the let’s encrypt certs via the module.

[Virtualmin Server] -> [Server Configuration] -> [Manage SSL Certificate] -> [Let’s Encrypt]

It completes successfully however when I navigate to the https version of the site, I none the less get an insecure page. (firefox) or a Your connection is not private page from chrome.

Chrome dev mode seems to indicate that
Sha-1 Certificate expires in 2017 or later, and that he chain is signed with sha-1

When I view the certificate it seems that the certificate is perhaps issued by the server and not by Let’s Encrypt

Am I supposed to Create Signing Request before applying for let’s encrypt? Or is the wrong file being referenced.

I used to do it before with the script and create a symbolic link to the certificate, but then I switch to this model and i don’t see a /etc/letsencrypt folder available so I’m a bit unsure where to go at this point.

In virtualmin for the virtual host, Have you checked >> server configuration >> manage SSL certificate to see if its assigned to the virtual host?

Then check >> services >> configure website for SSL and be sure SSL is enabled for the virtual host.

Letsencrypt has always worked for me. Run it and enable SSL is all I do.