Lets encrypt for webmin user interface

Operating system: Ubuntu Linux
OS version: 20.04.1

I have installed virtualmin and have seccessfully requested a Lets encrypt certi without any erros for “/var/www/html” (Web- Virtualmin user interface). Now, the certi is out of date and the auto renew did not work. Thats why i requested a new certi and I got the fowolling error:

I am new to server administration and need a hint or a solution, to get the interface ssl encryppted.

At the moment I use the same certi for a domain hosted on the server, but I got access problem with chrome.

Hope, someone can help me. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Curious: Have you tried the Update Certificate and Key function rather than trying to obtain a new one?

It would be interesting to see if you get a similar error.

But Virtualmin uses a directory structure in the format of /home/username to store web content and certificates.

Something is seriously wrong with your Virtualmin installation if you have used Contabo to install Virtualmin - we have had negative feedback about this in the past.

On your Contabo VPS, first reinstall the OS so that you have a fresh server and then install Virtualmin by following instructions on the official documentation. Only then will you have a standard Virtualmin system which can operate normally.

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It seems like your Virtualmin is misconfigured. How did you install it?

Although I agree that there is something ‘wrong’ with your Virtualmin installation, the error is pointing that Lets Encrypt accessed the website homepage instead of the ‘well-know/acme-challenge’ folder.

So, something is wrong with your nginx configuration (it is redirecting the visit to the website homepage). You need to fix it.
Also, in my nginx default configuration I insert this code inside the server block to allow the access of the acme-challenge folder:
# letsencrypt.conf
# Allow access to acme challenge folder
# Lets Encrypt
location ^~ /.well-known/acme-challenge/ {
allow all;
log_not_found off;
access_log off;
#end letsencrypt.conf

Hope it helps.

Thanks for your help…

I want that the backend (ui) of webmin/virtualmin is encrypted. My websites that i am hosting are.

That is why the path is diffrent and is not pointing to a user. (var/www/html) Is the root path of nginx.

I did a fresh install of ubuntu and downloaded the script from this site. All without any errors. The domain/host https://vmi184918.contaboserver.net:10000 got I from the installation. (It is a vps)

You are not alone in wanting the backend (ui) of Webmin / Virtualmin to be encrypted. Everyone using Virtualmin wants that too, but they do not use /var/www or have to do anything special to achieve this.

The Virtualmin ecosystem is already designed to be capable of getting a SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt for the hostname of the Virtualmin server so that the backend (ui) of Webmin / Virtualmin can be encrypted.

To that end, the method you should employ to do this is:

  1. create a virtual server with the same name as your hostname - vmi184918.contaboserver.net

  2. use Virtualmin -> Server Configuration -> SSL Certificates to apply for a cert from Let’s Encrypt (yay - it is as easy as that!)

  3. use Virtualmin -> Server Configuration -> SSL Certificates: Service Certificates tab to apply that Certificate to Webmin (i.e. port 10000), Usermin, Dovecot, Postfix et al (note that this is a one-time operation, you need to do this only once for every installation of Virtualmin).

I think this method of getting a SSL Certificate for the Webmin + Virtualmin UI is better than any other method of doing it.


Oh I want to live forever, man consider virtualmin paid support for this issue. They are the best. Perhaps concider to move to different os… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!!! :v:

I will try this in a week, when I am able to request a certi again. Did it four times the wrong way. :smiley:

If I am able to earn money with my work/hobby, then I would for sure pay for it.
At the moment I am happy/lucky, that there is something like virtualmin. :+1:

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