Let's Encrypt for email only domain


Just wondering if there’s any way to use the Virtualmin interface to create a Let’s Encrypt certificate for a domain where the website is hosted elsewhere, outside of my access and control. Cert would be used for email only.


Removed dot below domains in sentence as forum was complaining so understand it

Assuming you have setup the Virtualmin which has domain name as
server vserver com
glue or name server as ns1 vserver com and ns2 vserver com

Let us say your domain is yourdomain com
and your have set its name server as ns1 vserver com and ns2 vserver com in your domain control panel

  1. Create a Virtual Server with yourdomain com
  2. Once done, click on the WebMin(Top Left)
  3. In that Servers Section -> Bind DNS
  4. You would find yourdomain com zon created because of step #1
  5. Click yourdomain com and in that you would find Zone Records.
  6. Edit the A Record for www yourdomain com.and yourdomain com so that IP is pointing to your web server
  7. Click Apply Zones and Apply Configuration button on upper right


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