Let's encrypt file out of web directory?


I host a lot of Nextcloud instances for my customers and I have a really boring problem. All these websites are for sure in SSL with Let’s Encrypt certificate. Unhappy this system creates an hidden directory at root of web directory that generates an error when you do NextCloud Updates (it does a sanity check on files to be sure everything is clean before upgrade). So each time I want to upgrade an NC instance I have to move out that directory, do the upgrade, move it back :frowning:
Isn’t there a way these files be stored somewhere else with a shortcut setup in Apache or something similar ? as Nextcloud has no plan to implement an exclusion list in their updater !!



No one on this ? I’m not the only one with that problem I think !

If you’re talking about the “.well-known” directory, I believe this needs to be there for the LE system to see it on the public web during the validation process, but on my server the directory is automatically removed after it’s been used to create or renew a certificate.

I haven’t used it, but perhaps what you need is DNS-based validation instead of web-based validation. However, since I don’t use my Virtualmin server for DNS and I haven’t used it before, what I’ve already stated is aboout as much help as I can offer. Sorry.

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Don’t have any problems for renew ? On mine that hidden directory is always there and if I remove it it makes a mess at next renew :frowning:

Ah yep you are right, I remember having seen that option in past but I can’t find it back on my two Virtualmin servers (unless both handles also DNS !!). Will investigate that more in details and thanks for the info :wink:

No worries. Hope I was able to point you in the right direction.

Yep it’s perfect :wink: Just have to find out why I have no more the option in Let’s Encrypt tab in Virtualmin :frowning: