Let's Encrypt certificate not working properly with Webmin (renewal)

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.6
Webmin version 2.021

Hi forum.

This issue has actually persisted for a while, but now it’s started to nag me.

Currently, I have a main domain on my Virtualmin installation. This matches the TLD for the hostname of my server.

Let’s Encrypt works fine with Virtualmin for this specific domain.

Every time the certificates expires, I need to log in to Virtualmin and go to Select Domain -> Server Configuration -> SSL Certificate and press the "Copy SSL Certificate to Services` button to update my SSL certificate for Webmin as well.

My Virtualmin configuration places the certificate files in the virtual server’s home directory. Webmin is currently looking for the certificate files in /etc/webmin.

What is the proper fix here? Should I update the paths in Webmin’s configuration to point at my Virtual Server’s certificate files? Or should this be fixes in some way?

It should not expire. Letsencrypt should renew 21 days before expiry.

It should not expire. Letsencrypt should renew 21 days before expiry.

well … it doesn’t …

Sorry this is Webmin, I do Letsencrpt in Virtualmin. Not use to that setup.

On the SSL Certificate Page is the box “Automatically renew certificate” Is “Yes” selected? (it defaults to “No” for some inexplicable reason) check it then click on “Only update renewal”.

I am concerned about that as you should not use a real domain as the hostname. But I don’t think that is the problem here.

I eventually gave up hoping to fix this. I assume this is due to a faulty configuration. I decided to do a fresh install on another server and migrate my virtualhosts to the new server and I’m crossing fingers that this will fix my renewal issue.

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