Lets encrypt certbot

hello -

i am migrating to a new server (STILL) and was playing with the

Setup SSL website too?

option while [re]creating the new virtual servers on my new box.

previously i have been manually using cerbot and manually editing the httpd.conf file for the new https:// access (please quit laughing at me, at least it worked)

using the new “Setup SSL website too” option appears to work just fine, once i figured out that website and domain need to be active subdomains.

my dumb question: on the current server i added the following crontab entry:

@weekly /usr/bin/certbot renew --preferred-challenges http >> /var/log/mark/certbot.log 2>&1

i am reasonably certain that virtualmin is doing something very similar.

could i please get information where/when this might be happening, and where the log might be going?

also, is there an email option that alerts me to activity? i think i remember the current one emailing me occasionally right before a renewal.

sorry - scratch dumb question:

i am thinking about doing the following:

  1. let virtualmin create the secured virtual server for me with self-signed cert

  2. use certbot to create a permanent cert

  3. remove the self-signed certs created from the first step and replace them with symbolic links to the certs created in the second step.


the Centos-8 forum host Trevor showed me this that worked very well to install the latest version:

dnf --enablerepo=epel-testing install certbot ;

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