Let's Encrypt autorenewal not working

I have a Virtualmin server where letsencrypt is not auto updating.

I found this previous locked thread and checked everything over and it all looks OK.

  • Virtualmin 6.03
  • “System Status” has 2 entries in the webmin scheduled functions, once at boot and then every 300 seconds.
  • Webmin Actions list a few letsencrypt actions, but they seem to coincide with then I manually requested a cert.
  • in the /virtual-server/ info file, the designated users with permission DO exist.
  • In the virtual server’s Let’s Encrypt tab, it is set to renew every 2 months.

What else can I check? There must be someplace where System Status has a list of jobs to perform, where is that?



At first install latest Webmin 1.942 and Virtualmin 6.09 GPL.

Afterwards, install certbot package and try re-requesting SSL certificate manually from Virtualmin/SSL Certificate page. In the future, it should automatically request certificates for you.

certbot is only an option on relatively new distributions. OP hasn’t told us what distro/version they have, so it may not be an option for them, but Webmin 1.942 has an updated acme_tiny client, so it can probably still work.

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