Let's Encrypt automatic renewa not performedl

Operating system: Debian
OS version: 8.11


I have a few domains.

I noticed that one domain has not been renewed since 2.31 months (automatic renewal set to 2 months).

When I ssh in my server, there is no /etc/letsencrypt.

I looked for logs in /var/logs, could not find anything.

The only logs I could find were when filtering Webmin Action Logs with letsencrypt, but the most recent entries were 6 months ago…

Some of the output of virtualmin info from the cli:

    hostname: XXXXXXXXXXXX
    module root: /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server
    os: Debian Linux 8.11
    root: /usr/share/webmin
    theme version: 19.62
    virtualmin version: 6.14.gpl
    webmin version: 1.962

Any idea how to solve or at least start to debug this?

Thank you very much in advance!

Joe’s on the case, last post in this thread:

In the meantime can you renew manually?

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Thank you very much!

I will try to renew manually.

Can you please help me with where to find let’s encrypt config and logs, when I connect to the server with ssh (or should I open a new thread for this)?

Thank you in advance

I stand to be corrected but as far as I’m aware there are no logs for LE per se although you might find some info in the Apache logs. For config files, there are some under the etc/letsencrypt folder, but I would have thought that all the necessary configuration should/could be done within the Virtualmin GUI.

Ok, thank you!

The issue is that I don’t have /etc/letsencrypt, which I find quite odd…

I should have said that /etc/letsencrypt is from my CentOS setup, not sure if Debian is different.

Right! That may be the reason! Thank you!

Same problem here, on Debian 10. I received email warnings from Let’s Encrypt that my certificates would expire soon. Manual renewal works.

Same here on Ubuntu. Automatic certificate renewals stopped working about a month ago. I have to go in an manually renew each name now. I can find no logs for the automatic renew runs. There appears to be no scheduled task for this, rather it is embedded in the statistics update Webmin task. However, again can’t find any logs.

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We are seeing the same thing on CentOS7. Should we enable the cerbot-renew.service and timer? Seems it’s there but not enabled. Running systemctl enable certbot-renew.service certbot-renew.timer will enable this however the next scheduled time does not appear to change and to be honest not sure if it will actually solve the issue.

Found this is a duplicate of this post: Let's Encrypt certificates not renewing anymore - #14 by Ilia

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