Legacy CentOS 7 virtualmin GPL not updating?

CentOS 7 virtualmin GPL deployed many years ago.
Are updates available?


Description Webmin module Virtualmin Virtual Servers
Package wbm-virtual-server Class System/Tools
Version 6.09.gpl-1 Vendor (none)
Architecture noarch Installed 05/03/2020 6:17:08 A

Refreshed software update

Clearing package caches …
… done

Re-fetching available packages …
… found 0 possible updates

It’s definitely there. Both 6.10 and 6.11 appear in the old universal repo, and are listed in the primary.xml file for the repo data. I’m not sure why it isn’t being offered for you.


I will investigate

Needed to run yum from command line.

Turns out early in yum scan of available repositories there was a broken repository before
virtualmin entry.

Disabling problem repository allowed update to virtualmin gpl 6.11


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