LE (still) not renewing automatically in Webmin

as it says here

anyways, still no joy. still manually generating a new certificate the week before the existing one expires.

any specific help on where to look for the log(s) that might shed some light on whats going wrong would be great. been babysitting this thing for 2-1/2 years now. :frowning:

Are you using website or DNS validation? Does it work from within the Webmin UI when you manually request a certificate?

You might try changing the renewal frequency, as I’d guess that would trigger recreation of the scheduled job. I don’t know if this code uses a cron job or a Webmin scheduled job…might be worth poking around in those to see if there’s a job for this purpose and if it’s enabled.

as @Joe suggested try changing auto renewal to 2 months per domain & also check /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/domain.conf for any weird settings.

also, are there any auto-renewal tries in letsencrypt.log ? if so, post some log excerpt.

website validation.

manually requesting the certificate works every time.

long ago tried changing the renewal frequency.

/etc/letsencrypt/renewal/domain.conf for the affected domain looks nearly identical to the virtualmin domains that renew flawlessly. the only difference i saw was in the order of the things under [renewalparams].

letsencrypt.log is seriously verbose. it looks chock full of attempts to renew a certificate for a virtual host that was created and deleted months ago. i’d like to resolve this to cut down on the verbosity so i can better interpret the log.

any notions how i might go about that? why a virtual host that was deleted months ago is showing up in LE renewal logs?

A possible way to work around cron is to setup a systemd timer. I see where the cerbot-renew timer service can be enabled from Webmin/System/Bootup and Shutdown, but I don’t see a GUI way to fine-tune it, so you’ll need to use the command line and/or file manager.

That’s a different problem, maybe start a new topic?

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didnt help - no response.

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