LDAP users/groups


I am trying to use LDAP for storing the users of virtualmin. But I don’t want to use LDAP for the rest of the system.

Is that possible? I don’t care to give access to my users to login to the system. We only care about emails and maybe ftp access, which should be possible with such a setup.

From the source of virtualmin I saw that it tries to use the webmin’s ldap-useradmin and useradmin modules to configure the user and groups, but at the same time virtualmin is using for example the “native” perl function getgrname, in order to check if a group exists. Which fails because perl don’t know anything about the LDAP server.

Is my approach correct? Do anyone think this would be wrong for some reason? Is there any other easier fix for that?

I was trying this as a simple way to overcome the 16 character long usernames in FreeBSD and get rid of having so many system users.