LDAP server 389-ds module

CentOs 8


I have a server with Centos 8 and I would like to setup LDAP.
Indeed, openldap is now deprecated for Centos 8.
So, I try to deploy 389-ds (RedHat Directory Server) which is recommended for Centos to replace openldap.

Is there a Webmin module “LDAP Server” for 389-ds?
(LDAP Client and LDAP Users & Groups are working fine)

It is not easy to manage schemas and trees outside Webmin. And it should be safer to make a backup like the other server modules.

Some of you are already using 389-ds ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Could you not build it from source? See https://kifarunix.com/install-and-setup-openldap-on-centos-8/

Yes of course. But as it is deprecated, I will not receive the upgrades. Less easy when some servers to manage.
By the way, 389-ds seems nice and solid, and well documented. But not manageable via Webmin module LDAP server which is limited to openldap.

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