Latest Webmin version (2.103, 2.104) not notified

OS type and version AlmaLinux 8.8 / Linux 4.18.0-477.27.1.el8_8.x86_64 on x86_64
Webmin version 2.102

I have been updating Webmin regularly through notifications like the one below that appear in the System Information section of the dashboard.
“Webmin version X.XXX is now available, but you are running version X.XXX.”

However, since I updated to 2.102 on Sep 3, 2.103 and 2.104 have been released, but I still haven’t received any notification. Webmin settings were not changed during this period.

Which settings should I check?

There is 65 packages to update, maybe in them.

Unfortunately, Webmin is not included in that list.

On my boxes I am pretty aggressive with updates when notified.
But I am also showing v2.101.

So no idea that 2.102 / 1.103 or 2.104 existed!

Yet my theme has been updated to 21.09.3 (I was notified)

and Virtualmin v.7.8.2 (which I also believe to be current)

I can’t remember seeing a specific setting either, unlike that in the theme updates,

A bit offtopic, but does 38 security updates behind not worries you?

There is another thread about this … webmin is only added to the virtualmin repros when the coding team are happy that virtualmin works with the newer version(s) of webmin. As a virtualmin user you may not see those 2 versions ever as they are not compatible with virtualmin and the next you see maybe 2.110 or whatever version it’s up to by the time it makes the virtualmin repros. On the other hand if this is a webmin only system, there will be something wrong with the repro settings with apt
Virtualmin installed

Webmin Only

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Thanks for that good explanation.
The reasoning makes perfect sense (I must have missed that thread!), but knowing that there is something progressing might be helpful, epecially when there are multiple version jumps.

Obviously I’ve been worried here for no reason.

Doesn’t Joe put something in the ‘news’ area when a new version of whichever is released (webmin,usermin & virtualmin) with an overview of the changes ? This is all that is required I guess as the new version number is mentioned in that post and a virtualmin user doesn’t need to know about the other versions of webmin that were released as everything works & there is continuity in the user experience

Yes I saw Webmin 2.101 but nothing about Webmin 2.102 / 2.103 / 2.104 which is disturbing as 2.102 (as in the OP) must have been released.

Maybe it was manually updated and not a general release?

I’m at 2.101 and not gonna lose any sleep over it.

Maybe, but one has to know it exists to do that.
I’m no longer losing sleep either jimr1’s explanation cleared that worry.

yes they were released for webmin users & not virtualmin users, you don’t need to know about these versions as they are not for a virtualmin environment. I would guess the OP added the webmin repro to a virtualmin install which will allow you to update to a later version of webmin & clicked the warning about the repros being incorrect which will revert the system to the correct virtualmin repro, hence nothing after 2.102. You don’t need to get disturbed over any of this, I’m sure the coding team know when to release a new version of webmin for virtualmin. As my screenshots show version 2.101 is the supported version of webmin that is compatible a version with the virtualmin module. If someone messes with stuff they don’t quite understand they are asking for trouble, hence the warning to fix the repro’s

I announce every new release of Webmin for Virtualmin users in the News forum.

There is no Webmin 2.103 or 2.104 in the Virtualmin repos, so you will obviously not be notified about those versions.

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OK, jimr1 did explain that to me very well.

This started because the OP clearly had Webmin 2.102. and was talking about 2.103 and 2.104 none of which I had even heard of. It is disconcerting when one hears of newer versions that have not been announced (especially when there are several versions.)

I am content knowing now that the next release of Webmin 2.x will be fully approved and announced with fanfare in “News”. and that in Virtualmin it will be the latest.

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