Latest update required two installations

OS type and version Rocky Linux 9.2
Webmin version 2.104

Latest update failed while bulk installing until I updated everything EXCEPT Webmin, then after that update Webmin sucessfully.after. My server with Usermin installed, I had to uninstall usermin to get Usermin/Webmin installed properly.


Can you explain more about what’s happening here?

ZIP with messages from 2 hosts going to try to direct send since it won’t allow me to upload here.

Everything is up to date now so I am good. Specifically look at the “usermin” errors in the main server log. Also all of my hosts were completely down, no web, no mail, etc. Had to reboot them all and they came back up.

What errors did you have exactly?

Thanks for sharing the logs.

It isn’t clear which of those errors presumably related to Webmin and/or Usermin? Do you have something not working after using some Webmin or Usermin features? If so, which are those?