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Please tell me the latest install script of virtualmin for ubuntu 22.04

@Ilia @Joe

Please tell me. thanks

The search tool is your friend.

Virtualmin 7 Installer beta - News - Virtualmin Community


The latest that should be used and that is compatible with current version of slib is this version of script.

Ok.Is this stable or beta?

Technically, it’s still beta. But it is the ONLY install script for 22.04.

It is perfectly stable though. I’ve been running it since it was released.

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Feel free to use it in production.

There are known bugs in Webmin and virtual-server module that prevent us from calling VM7 stable. But, the install script is believed to be good. Once I’m able to roll out the updates that fix those known bugs, we’ll be comfortable calling it stable. (Note that those known bugs in Webmin and virtual-server module exist whether you use the Virtualmin 7 beta installer or the stable Virtualmin 6 installer. The bugs are not in the install script.)

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