Last update generated an error: filesystem mounted at /boot has no free disk space!

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 20.04.3

In one of my servers, I’ve got “filesystem mounted at /boot has no free disk space!” Warning after I did the last update.

Please see the below-attached screenshots.

Any idea on how to fix it?

No idea how to fix this but I too am seeing this on my Virtualmin servers hosted with Contabo. :wink:

Most likely because kernel upgrades etc. will use /boot and you may have to remove some of the older versions. I would remove all but last few kernels. This ‘problem’ occurs when silly providers allocate the space in default build which isnt enough.

Thank you for your reply. So if I check the files by date and delete the older ones this will be solved? I’m worried that I’ll delete something required :slight_smile:

I tried to increase the allocated partition’s size but because /boot was already mounted I couldn’t. Honestly, I was afraid to unmount it and the system may kick me out. If it’s safe, I would like to increase it a bit.

I think the update had to clear the older versions and I hope this would be added soon.

Mine too on Contabo :slight_smile: I’ve many VPS there but only this one created a problem. And this one was the biggest!

But I noticed, that the other VPS /boot is used over 70%, so the problem may occur on them too at the next update or the second.

So I went and I created a backup folder and moved some of the files as seen below. The problem is fixed and the error is gone! :tada::tada::tada: Thank you @Whoops your advice was on point!

Just be careful not deleting at random. Make sure you check which kernel file is active :smiley:. You risk system not booting up. Never unmount /boot to resize unless you know what you are doing. In general, deleting old files in a clean way will be fine, you don’t have to do this often.

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