Last Postfix, almost ready

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04
Virtualmin version 7

Sorry to ask here but there seems to not be any Postfix forum out there.

My Postfix is up and running as it should but there is one thing I dont understand how to manage.
I have a vps with 1 domain and a subdomain. Mail from the domain is no problem but mail from the subdomain gets blocked as unauthrized. I suspect it is a setting in the General options but I cant figure out where. This piece: What domain to use in outbound mail seems to be the one but I dont know the correct setting.
Anyone have the answer?


No. That’s absolutely not it.

You need to look in the mail log (or the journal for the postfix unit) for what’s happening to your mail and why.

Does the subdomain have real mailboxes or are you using something like php mailer?

If it’s php mailer, google made some changes to fight spam about 2 months ago. Now if you want to send something like an automatic reply from , you actually need to create that mailbox or it will get rejected as unauthorized

I finally found the problem with help from ChatGpt, believe it. It was a broken opendkim systemd file. After regenerating it, all started to work

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