Laravel install

Hi everyone,
Can anyone walk me through how to install Laravel on
– Centos
– Virtualmin
I really have no idea and I would really appreciate a walkthrough.
I have an application that I have to deploy.
Thank you for your help

hi, did you google it? I am not sure about this one as I do not use centos nor laravel however google gave me this

good luck.

First thing I did was go on a google trek. I had already seen the page that you recommended but I just came out the other end asking more questions than going in. I had followed a walk through on how to do a Wordpress template and setup and thought someone might of done the same for laravel.

Hi, already produced the link you’ve requested, how WordPress any any other have to do with virtualmin? Non of the them. Please follow the link or contact involved parties like laravel or WordPress.

I am running nginx which puts the document, that you directed me towards, a little bit short on info but my mistake I did not specify what web server I was using.
I would like to leave this thread open for a while and see if anyone has had this experience and can help me out? Would that be alright with you?
I have been working from other documents and 3 hours of work has yielded a 404 error which I suspect is either a permission problem or the sub domain setup is just incorrect.
Thank you for your help but I would like to wait on someone who has worked this problem out. Otherwise I will have to just push my way though until I solve it, time which unfortunate is not available to me at the moment. The install “should be” a once off, but I will wait and see. Thank you for your time.

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