Language issue with Dashboard time

Problem host: ubserv
OS: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS x86_64
Host: OpenStack Nova 19.3.2
Kernel: 5.15.0-92-generic

Webmin subject: Authentic theme version 21.09.5

See for details on screenshot:

:v: Hi,

Can anyone aid me with this issue?
My language and timezone are set English Belgium (Europe/Brussels).

  • I tried to reset it to default English general, but that didn’t change anything.
  • I also tried to set the default theme back on ubserv, the problem remains.
  • I aslo tried to set it in French, Belgium - no influance it seems.

I’ve set to usage the last version and update of the theme.
:thinking: That might have cause the issue, since my other host doesn’t have the time in another language:

Can I do anything so it uses a language I understand?

Thanks in advance !
Cheers ! :+1:


I can confirm that choosing English (Belgium) actually returns text in Belarusian? :slightly_smiling_face:

However, choosing French (Belgium) works just fine, e.g.:

Please let me know if that worked for you?

Additionally, I’m truly grateful for your exceptionally well-structured post and the clarity of your question!

Hi Ilia,

I appreciate to have Webmin to help me maintaining my private hosts.
The pleasure is mine to take some time to explain the matter well.

Here are some things I’ve checked in the Webmin settings :

1.a. I did try to set the locale language from default English to French-Belgium

1.b. Here other options I’ve tried on the server (on my desktop where the time is shown correctly):

  1. I also did some tests in this part of the Webmin settings:
    It would be nice to have them gouped in general language settings - found these by search in the Webmin menu.

  1. As I’ve one host that shows the time correctly (but has also Cinnamon custom installed), I also tried to make the settings match all with it.

But even in these settings, I’ve found no one interacting with the display time language on the dashboard:

I did restart and reload the page in incognito to be sure that the changes took effect.
All gave the same results on the Dashboard.

I compared miniserv.conf and config files on both hosts ubcynt and ubserv.
I could see some additional settings based on the theme customisations I’ve made and some other settings related to language and time.

On the first place I did just remove all of these to see if it makes a difference and that did the trick.

I behold the specific IP and references for ubcynt and whiped the rest of the /etc/webmin/config file out and made a copy/paste of the content of ubcynt where the time is displayed well.

I also left langauto but did set it to “1” and did also leave “locale=fr-BE” as another difference with ubcynt. Now the time is displayed into the correct language matching the interface.

I think langauto has no action directly on how the time is shown, because I left it, but did try it by replacing the 0 by 1.

After a correctly displayed time, I reverted langauto to 0, but that didn’t change any direct concern.

I did clear cache in Webmin to make each change occur after restarting it by using this button in the theme settings:

I will report any behaviour I see concerning these language settings not applying on the time as it should as I see any changes.

As the problem is solved by restoring /etc/webmin/config from a host where the time is displayed correctly I can’t tell with precision what caused the issue, but will mark it as resolved.

Thanks for understanding :smile:
Cheers !

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Oh, Gosh, country codes and language codes can get mixed in a very weird messy way!

Anyway, I would personally like to support as many English (…) locales as possible. I personally believe that each locale should be represented in English.

I will add support for English (Belgium).

Thanks for the heads up!