KVM network question

I have created a KVM instance but for some reason VM won’t add/or bring up the interface IP for that instance. If there a way to do this in console ?

I suppose you are referring to Cloudmin?

Have a look at Cloudmin CLI API:

What about this command:

cloudmin run-command --host yourhostname.com "ip link set dev eth0 up"

Tried that… Never completes

cloudmin run-command --host test.csquared.ventures "ip link set dev eth0 up"
Connection failed

Obviously, as you mentioned earlier, your network interface is down - you will not be able to connect to it remotely for now. Go to the instance, configure and bring it up manually from tty first.

Rebooting test.csquared.ventures …
… failed : KVM instance was started, but could not be pinged after 60 seconds

I will be able to take a look at this issue later. I don’t know exactly why this would be happening.

:exclamation: Meanwhile, for better future reference, I would like to ask you to go back, and improve your question, providing as much details as possible. At first once it’s Cloudlmin question, why is it marked as Virtualmin, then, “KVM setup question” doesn’t reflect the actual issue and looks ambiguous. At last, it doesn’t provide any useful information, e.g. error messages, the step to reproduce an issue and etc.