KVM Instance Ping Failed error

got a small problem, when i add an instance in kvm, it creates a DNS A record on master but with local IP. then i have to manually change it to external ip so i can access it via :10000 port.
Also Ping Failed error is always displaying in cloudmin managed systems.
I am new to virtualisation so dont know what to look for or where the problem may be. As far as i know everything was setup properly as per instructions

If anyone knows let me know

OS type and version ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 1.994
Cloudmin version 9.6 Pro

Have you put the IP addresses in the IP address allocation ranges?

For KVM, the path is:

Host Systems → KVM Host Systems → Edit KVM Host → Network options

Hi, yes i did.
Local ip gets assigned from the pool, but also the same address is then inserted into A record on master dns zone

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