Keeping pop3 user names after cPanel Migration


I’m in the process of migrating from a server with cPanel to a server runing Virtualmin Pro.

The import process seems to be going fine but pop3 login email user names have changed.

From cPanel I have the login name the same as the email address, e.g. logs in with

The imported mail boxes need fred.unixuser as the login name.

Is this configurable anywhere? I’ve tried looking in the server templates but have only found the format for usernames.

I did a quick grep through /etc and noticed that the login name is in quite a few files including one binary one so it’s not going to be easy fixing it up after the import.

Any thoughts welcomed otherwise I’ll have to get my clients to change their pop3 logins which I would rather not do.



Hey Graham,

I’m working on a solution to this. You’re not the only one with this concern, and I suspect there’s some easy way to resolve it without having to retrain users.

Hopefully, we’ll have something to address this sometime this weekend.

Thanks for the quick response on this Joe. I’ll put off my full migration for the moment.

Hi Joe,

Is there any update on this? I’ve tried looking through the forums etc but haven’t really found anything. I’m kind of stuck renting two servers at the moment as I haven’t finished my migration and it would be more cost effective for me to just have the one :slight_smile:

Happy new year (if you get time to realise you are in the next one).



Hi Joe,

I’ve just discovered your thoughts under bug #198, so no need to reply to this.



Did you ever figure this out? I have a bunch of mail accounts I migrated over from cPanel, and they are all broken.
I know the user can fix their email client by mailuser.linuxuser instead of, but that is a huge headache for all the users. Where can I change that globally?

I am also having this same problem and would like to see a configurable option to retain the email address login id.

Just to clarify:

Cpanel Domain is imported into Virtualmin with email users person1 and person2.

Their email client was setup to login to with the username and

After converting to Virtualmin, every email user would need to change their email clients username to and Which is also very "strange" naming convention.

Is there a way to change this importation process? I haven’t even found a way to manually change the login id back to the original in virtualmin.

Thanks in advance,

I found the answer in Joe’s post:

Here is a summary:

Go to VirtualMin > System Settings > Module Config.
Under configuration category choose: Defaults for new domains.

Change the item labeled: Domain name style in username to Full Domain Name.

All future imports will import with

Hope this helps others, it sure did my implementation. :smiley:

I had found that too. And setting up users with option made them all work.
Great script!
It even brought my mailman lists over.
Although I did have to do two things to get mailman to work.

  1. I had to create a admin list called mailman and
  2. I had to manually start mailmanctl