Keep scripts up to date

Is there any easy way to keep all scripts/apps up to date like WordPress, Joomla, Coppermine, etc.? I have quite a few virtual servers that have custom installed apps. Is there a way to import them in the app list in Virtualmin? How do you go about keeping scripts up to date without going one by one?


It looks like you’re using Virtualmin Pro there, is that correct?

There unfortunately isn’t a way to import an application that was installed manually into Virtualmin.

However, if an application was installed using Virtualmin’s Install Scripts feature, it will help you keep them up to date.

It can send you an email if an application has an available upgrade.

And then, to install all the upgrades for a given domain, you can go into Install Scripts -> Installed Scripts, and there, you can select all the scripts you wish to upgrade for that domain.

Also, if you go into System Settings -> Script Installers, you can use those features there to update all scripts, and not just those in one domain.