Just wanted to give a big thumbs up for a wonderfully reliable control panel!!!

To Jamie and his crew,
I just wanted to say how very happy i am with the reliability of this control panel. So often we grumble on the forums about this and that when thing go wrong, and I feel that at times the boys missout on the positive feedback when nothing is going wrong.

I also run a competing control panel to this one, Centos-Webpanel. Its a great looking control panel, and I like that panel, however, in all honesty, it is so full of niggling problems (the list is ridiculously endless), that one never knows from one day to the next if it will even be functioning. Things like password recovery errors, deleting accounts fails, migrating from between CWP to CWP doesnt work properly, auto SSL renewals doesnt function properly…the list is endless.

To compare CWP with the absolutely solid stability and reliability of Virtualmin, I have to say how very very glad i am for this panel. Sure this panel has an awful lot of functionality and is very difficult to navigate one’s way around, however, It truly is my rock. I love that each day, i can log into this panel and perform a variety of tasks and rarely do i encounter those niggling problems i do with CWP.

So a big thanks guys…i sincerely appreciate all your work.

kind regards

PS I would love if we could perhaps look towards some interface redesign in the near future (however, that is for another thread…i dont want to detract from the positive message of this one)


Virtualmin rocks!