Just seen a list of new features for Virtualmin

Just seen a list of improvements to Virtualmin.

It starts of like this:

The following new features are available in Virtualmin 3.67 (installed 30/Mar/2009) …

Updated script installers | Try it …
Updated the TWiki script installer to version 4.2.3, TikiWiki to 2.1, Squirrelmail to 1.4.16, WebCalendar to 1.2.0, WordPress MU to 2.6.2, Gallery to 2.3-rc-2, MediaWiki to 1.13.2, ZenPhoto to 1.2.1, SugarCRM to 5.1.0a, OpenX to 2.6.2, osCommerce to 2.2rc2a, Drupal to 5.11/6.5, Mantis to 1.1.3, and phpMyAdmin to Also, updated the Horde installer to version 3.3, Magento to 1.1.6, and all related applications to their corresponding latest versions.

Master administrator and disabled scripts | Try it …

My question is

  • do I need to install these, or maybe I have done already ?


If you’ve updated to Virtualmin 3.67, then all the above features are available to you.

So you don’t have to install anything additional for the above features to be available. If you see an app in the above list that you want, you can go into the Install Scripts area to install it onto your system.