Joomlapolis Hosting Community web sites

Joomlapolis Hosting allows to Quick-start a Community or a Joomla site:

The fastest way to start with Community Builder and all essential community extensions in a all-in-one install,

Allows you to start your own community within minutes, with a ready-made, fully pre-configured community site,

Includes an awesome mix of winning components, modules and plugins assembled and pre-configured to run smoothly together:

Joomla 1.5.10, Community Builder latest Stable, Kunena forum, UddeIM PMS system, GroupJive Groups, DocMan docs downloads, YaNC newsletters, JCE wysiwyg editor, CB Plugins: CB Privacy, CB Rating Field, CB Profile Gallery, CB Ajax Text Field, CB Auto Welcome, Groupjive Tab, CB Captcha, CB Profilebook, …