Joomla/Virtuemart issue, possibly server related.

I have a problem on a Joomla/Virtuemart install and cannot figure out what the issue is.

All worked ok until about a week or two ago and then:
-Joomla contact us email stopped working
-VM product enquiry email stopped working (client gets confirmation of enquiry, but nothing received our side)
-When you try to select a product (all with custom attributes), you get a pop up notice - “Info: To add this product into your cart you have to select a product variant on the details page.”
I am sure that there have been no other upgrades/addons.
There was some issues qith DNS, but they are filly sorted.
Emails are otherwise received on the domain.
I have tried all 3 email system in globals.

Can anyone think of a reason/solution?

Operating system CentOS Linux 5.4
Apache version 2.2.3
PHP version 5.1.6 (downgraded from 5.2.? bleeding edge)
MySQL version 5.0.77

Joomla 1.1.4 now 1.1.5
VM 1.12 now 1.14

i had one joomla install with malfunctioning email contact page. I believe it had a conflict with joomfish in this case.
I installed a custom contact page and all emails are working again.

Look in the extention area of joomla to pick the most popular one, I use it as well.

Thanks for the pointer.

I will look at that, but am concerned that it appeared to just stop working - previously, all was ok. No new extensions/components have been added and, apart from dns issues, the vps seems to be working ok,

there is a debug function in joomla that may reveil issues. also there can be pointers in the logs.
problem is still that joomla’s mailfunction isn’t the strongest one on earth and can cause issues easily.

id everything else is working fine and you can mail with other programs…
try a second clean joomla install in some subdirectory then load sql then the template
this way you replicate the website and testing all the time. if it keeps working you can replace the faulty joomla install with it

It’s unlikely a server issue (although possible), most Joomla problems are due to installing extensions. I recommend you check over what you’ve installed modified since the problem started, then ask at over the Joomla Support Forum or the Virtuemart Forums.

The Virtumart code tends to be rather buggy as it was never initially designed to be a Joomla extension. There are current efforts to completely rewrite it to native Joomla MVC format, but if your really serious about online commerce have a good look into Magento. It can be somewhat bridged with Joomla using something like the JFusion Joomla extension.