Joomla default website

Hi, i’m trying to maje joomla my default website, Joomla is working in but i need working in
Please, can you help me ???

I have a Virtualmin 10 to testing

Thanks for all


Well, you have 2, maybe 3 options there:

  1. You could always setup something in public_html to redirect to /joomla/. You can do that a few different ways, including going into Services -> Configure Website -> Aliases and Redirects.

  2. You can change the DocumentRoot for the website. If /joomla/ is really meant to be the DocumentRoot, and there aren’t any files elsewhere you wanted to be available, you can change the DocumentRoot in Services -> Configure Website -> Document Options.

  3. If, in the future, you really want your Joomla app to be in the DocumentRoot – when you do the Joomla install, at the Install Scripts option screen, you’ll see “Install sub-directory under public_html” – you can always pick “top-level”. The thing to remember, is that if you place non-Joomla files in the directory, and later uninstall Joomla, it may remove everything, not just Joomla, since it can’t know which files are Joomla-related and not.

First of all, Thanks for that speedy answer :wink: and sorry for my poor English
I’m sure this is a lammer question but i don’t have the solution, i trying to change something in Aliases before put the answer and i search any solutions but it don’t works.
Now i uninstall the script Joomla and install with top level option, but now they don’t have anything to show in i have an 404 error, please can you tell me something more exactly or you can say me the errors or docs you need to help me ???

Sorry for that beginner question but i just starting to view the options of virtualmin if you know one good manual please tell me, the docs of the web i think is a little help.

Hello, i view in Apache logs access to an old config when i go to aliases and documents and all is pointing to public_html, but i delete the domain entirely and i create new, and now finally is this working with joomla default website.
I hope learning a lot of thing about Virtualmin i’m very lammer now. :slight_smile:

for future reference:
joomla 1.5 has changed its configuration in such a way that the selector “live_site” in its config file isn’t used anymore.

that means you can ftp in your server, grab all the files and drag&drop them a level higher. Your site will then be in /public_html and working.

For older versions (1.0.15) you can do the same but you’ll have to change the paths in the joomla config.

thats the easiest way to handle joomla

to keep the install updated through virtualmins script installer a hard to find file will have to be changed (/etc/webmin/virtual-server/scriptlog). Before I try to explain this, it would be easiest to uninstall joomla and reinstall both using the script installer.