Job for Fixing Sending Mail for a stock virtualmin CentOS server

Job help needed for fixing sending email from a stock virtualmin pro server CentOS 5.8

Most errors are of the relaying denied variety 554 5.7.1 Relay access denied

Urgently needed.

Please contact dominic.taji @ taji . com for further discussion.

Thank you.


It looks like your Forum post is marked as private… that means only the Virtualmin staff can see it. We’re happy to help, and feel free to file a support request using the “Support” link above.

Or if you’re hoping for a consultant from the community to work with, you’d need to remove the “Private” flag from your post.

However, most “Relay access denied” errors occur when a user tries to send email, but isn’t actually authenticating.

For example, if Outlook is being used to send email, and it’s using your server as a mail relay, if it doesn’t actually authenticate with your server for outgoing smtp, your server would say “relay access denied”.

Outlook, by default, doesn’t provide authentication credentials when sending Outgoing SMTP messages – that’s something that can be enabled in the Outlook settings.


Noted with thanks Eric.